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Maya Platter (2 persons)
Jinga Garlic, Stuffed chillies, Patties, Chicken Tikka
Saya Platter (2 Persons)
Onion Bhaji, Chicken Nazakat, Lamb Chops, Fish Biran
Onion Bhajee
Light & crispy round shape onion mixed with spice, herbs & fenugreek then deep fried.
Samosa (Lamb or Vegetable) £3.50
Puree stuffed with spicy chicken or lamb.
Nazakat Chicken
Tender chicken with a hint of garlic and delicate spices.
Chicken Tikka
Marinated and grilled with medium spices and home made tandoori paste.
Lamb Tikka £4.20
Tandoori Chicken
Quater chicken on the bone with tandoori spices then grilled in clay oven.
Lamb Chops
Marinated with tandoori spices then cooked in clay oven.
Sheek Kebab
Minced lamb with ginger, mixed herbs & spices then cooked on a skewer in clay oven.
Mussels cooked light spices and a touch of creamy sauce with dash of malibu.
Prawn Puree
Spicy prawns served on a puree bread.
King Prawn Puree
Spicy King prawns served on a puree bread.
Jinga Garlic
King prawns with a hint of garlic and delicate spices.
Chata Bash
Stir fried mushrooms, garlic & spices cooked with korma sauce.
Aloo or Chicken Chat
Stir fried potato or chicken with cumin, garlic, turmeric, chillies and lemon juice, served on a puree bread.
Fish Biran
Bangladeshi fish pan fried & garnished with green chillies, onion, peppers & coriander.

Maya Tandoori

Maya Tandoori Restaurant offers a new experience in Fine Indian Cuisine, blending traditional dishes with modern culinary technique.

Adorned with warm décor, a careful touch of the classic and the modern leaves you in comfort.


7 Days a week
(including Bank Holiday)

 Lunch - 12:00pm - 02:30pm
Dinner - 05:30pm - 11:30pm

Closed on Christmas Day


74 Oxford Road
New Denham, Uxbridge

Tel:        01895 239 503
               01895 259 547

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